Learning To Be Awesome

Hi Pengyows!

How’s it going? I have since been speculating to blog or not to blog. But coming from an “akashic” meeting last night made me ponder on things. Akashic reading is like asking guidance from the spiritual beings to lead you in making your decisions. Though it is with your own vibration that you decide, it is really important to invest on yourself. I observed that majority of the people who are looking for answers to life’s meaning is because one is not attuned with oneself. I observed that one is not confident of his or her own capability with regards to problems. I have been constantly listening to Abraham Hicks because her videos do make sense with regards to applying real life situations.

I have a friend who wanted to ask my opinion about online dating. What are the pros and cons. This is my answer. Online dating is for people who are very busy with their work and business. It is a platform of getting to know someone without investing too much frills. The advantage of online dating is that you get to have choices with regards to finding a mate. The downside here is that there is no assurance that what you expect from the person is whom you will meet in reality. I suggest if you try online dating, keep the conversation light, research on his background, feel the vibe of the conversation and talk on the phone if possible before meeting so as to see if you both have a connection.

I learned a lot of lessons last night and met new friends. It was something that was not “me”. Technically, I am a planner, I don’t usually go to far places beyond Manila especially at night. I am the type of person who always want to be on the safe side. In our meeting, I was able to see the mirror of what I went through with the people that I met. When I was in the “confused and depressed state” ,I was seeking for answers. I kept on crying and asking why.  Abraham Hicks taught me to follow my own vibration so that I will be in alignment. Last night was part of my alignment. It made me appreciate and be thankful for my life. When it was my turn for the akashic reading, I was told to “accept and learn from my past mistake. Or else I would be doing it again if I will not accept.” But what made me ponder is how can I get on accepting when the brain has done the work but the heart has stayed? I know deep in my heart I have accepted but of course the desire is still there. The funny thing is that a new friend asked me if I thought that what is bound to happen is what I think. Well, I smiled and laughed because he made a point. Deep in my own vibration is the desire to find that same or more of that manifestation. I know I can get what I want. I hope I could learn to let my “soul” do the choosing and not the “ego”. I understood what he meant about my “ego” choosing what is right. Technically, we make our own choices. There are fights we can defend and love that we choose to let go.

Another point of reflection here also was meeting two women who just had their heart broken. It was devastating for them that’s why, they asked advice from me. Well, I believe that “moving on” must not be rushed. One has to go thru all the pain and depression to look forward to a new future. If there is one thing I learned from Abraham Hicks, it is about choosing your thoughts and trying to forget. Once a person falls in love, memories will continuously stay within the system. It will not go away. But it is the choice of the person if the person will let that memory eat up everything that she has in her life. I have accepted that love in me is unconditional.  I am love. I am happy. I am blessed. I am thankful. I have encountered a lot of memory lapses, word synchronicity but now I am just laughing it all off so as to let go. Of course I will never forget someone that I loved. He is the best thing that ever happened in my life. But choice right now is choosing my love for myself and family. Being a Filchi, I think this is the greatest pressure of choice. Which is more important, family or “Romeo and Juliet love affair”? Now, I have begun to be more careful with my feelings because I have appreciated my existence as a human being more than ever. I was telling my friend last night that I want to go back to my old “me” when I was satisfied being alone. But my new friend told me that I can never go back, because a new “me” is a different me. I have to learn to change my vibration within the process. Thank you, universe for always providing for me. Thank you, Lord for always being here with me.

Thank you, Pengyows for supporting me. I am so excited for my upcoming project for the Filchi singles. God bless you. See you soon.

Thoughts To Live by and Come by

Hi Pengyows!

How’s it going? Things have been challenging these past few days but I am still thankful for all the blessings. Just came from a “to che” ( 1st birthday party) and reflected on a lot of things. The funny reflection that came through me was a mixture of men and women’s point of view. It was something that I continuously pondered on. I am so excited for my upcoming site project, I hope that every Filchi all over the world will be part of this. So what have I been pondering so far? Here are my top 7 on my list.

  1. Being a wife is not an easy task. There is so much sacrifice in being a woman. Imagine, if one gets married, she gives up her used to be vanity to serve her husband and her family. It is somewhat a challenging thing to balance career and family life.
  2. Yuenfun or destiny reading, is there a science to it? (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuanfen) A young pengyow told me about this and I was intrigued. There is even a chinese website to which you can put your birthday and time and see what is your destiny reading. The Chinese language was intense that even if you google translate it, it becomes “barok” english. With my experience before of meeting a lot of people, I think that you choose your own destiny though what is bound to happen will happen.
  3. Honesty and integrity should be a key point in every person’s life. I met someone recently that I liked but the sad thing was that he was all flowery words but without action. And to think he is not “huwana”. I used to recall that a guy also told me that I didn’t have integrity by saying “text you later” but did not text. But on the other aspect is this, should the girl do the first move with regards to this? I think if you are on the stage of getting to know, the guy should do the effort to text or call the girl because it is the guy’s responsibility to show the girl that he cares and he is “the man”.
  4. Being open to different kinds of dating and not just kaysiao. Another friend was telling me to “kaysiao” another friend. Like I said if you just live in your dreams and don’t do anything, nothing will happen in your life, same as with being close minded to dating.  I have a friend that said that online dating doesn’t work but I beg to disagree because for busy yuppies, online dating is a way of getting to know the people that you like and is your type rather than be stuck in your own neighborhood and remain stagnated with your own beliefs.
  5. Flirting and flattery are both different words and actions. I have a guy friend who doesn’t know how to decipher the difference of flirting and flattery. “Flirting means giving spice to your current relationship with the opposite sex that you are attracted to.” Flattery is just telling the person how much you admire them without any connotation of romanticism. It is somewhat a positive affirmation of telling the person how you appreciate the person.
  6. Convenience of choosing a partner and the reality of motivation. I had a friend who said that he would choose this girl because they can talk anything under the sun and they are compatible and that her status is good. Where is the motivation to court and be with this girl? The reality of motivation is that one is attracted and motivated to do an effort to gain the other person’s attention. I still believe chemistry plays a big role in relationships. It’s the one responsible for the oxytocin in the brain that makes one feel “kilig”.
  7. Choose wisely. Take care of yourself and date yourself. The right person is the mirror of your own vibration. Life may not be perfect but it is your own idea that what is happening is your own reality.

Take care Pengyows! See you soon. God bless.

Are you “Kaysiao-able”?

Having conversations with a friend from Australia made me ponder on the thing about being “kaysiao-able”. Technically, what do you think of this term? Being “kaysiao-able” means people would like to “kaysiao” (matchmake/refer-in business, but that’s another story, we are focusing on matchmaking now) you because you are fabulous, marketable and a good catch.

These are my top 10 things to consider when you want to be “kaysiao-able”:

  1. Physically attractive. This doesn’t mean that you need to be very pretty or very handsome to be introduced. This means you need to be presentable.  Beauty is skin deep but you need to know that presenting yourself is like food to be eaten. If the food looks tasty, the food is eaten immediately or slowly.  The way you bring yourself gives the other person the impression of who you are and what you are meant to bring or give. You need to smile when you are introduced. You dress well in a sense that you don’t go out with your shorts and tsinelas to meet someone. You drive your car with ease.
  2. Nice and kind personality. Whether the person that is introduced to you is not your type, it is still your responsibility to be nice. Good karma works in mysterious ways.
  3. Has interesting hobbies/sports/ideas. People are drawn to people who are interesting. It makes the conversation exciting and happy.
  4. Patience is a virtue. Your first kaysiao may not be successful but don’t give up. Kaysiao is a test on your preference in a mate. In every journey you get to learn what you want and what you would not settle for.
  5. Parents/family/friends’ approval. Though this is not that necessary, it is still plus points if your parents know and like the person who will be introduced to you. If your friends like your potential mate, it would be an added bonus that you could all hang out together.
  6. Maturity in decision making. It is important that you decide with conviction and not with varying options. Whether it is a yes or a no or a maybe. Stick with your decision and be aware of the consequence.
  7. Be the best you can be. In every situation, action or decision, “being the best” means giving your best shot. They say expect the worst but I believe that if you think that way, your experience will always in tune with your own vibration which is the worse. Life may be harsh sometimes but giving your best puts you into a spot of positive encounters.
  8. Be sensitive and considerate. Based from my experience, many Filchis are so insensitive with regards to dating. It can start from being selfish, being obnoxious or having no care at all.
  9. Improve your “game”. Huwanas are very expressive and consistent. Filchis should learn the value of flirting, talking, chatting and being.
  10. Be driven with your goal. If you have a goal follow the process and do it. Don’t just say it. Create it.

So there you go, Pengyows. Hope you learned something from my blog. See you soon. God bless.